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A Ground View Of The Devastation Caused By The Military Airstrikes Against Civilian Areas In The Syrian Civil War

March 04, 2016

War is a terrible thing. This is not the sentiment of people who oppose it, but also of every great military mind since the beginning of time. The reason why war must be avoided at all costs is because of the inherent destruction necessary to achieve the ultimate objective.


The now years long Syrian civil war is a prime example of this. Putting aside for a moment the safe-heaven that it has given to terrorists organizations like ISIS, the human tragedy is incalculable. Thousands of lives has been lost or displaced, entire cities leveled, with civilians, women, and children inside sometimes. This video brings you footage from the destruction that the Syrian Arab Air Force air strikes against rebels have left in their cities. A tragedy indeed.

Who do you think is more responsible for the destruction of these cities, the government or the rebels? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below!