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(VIDEO) Don’t miss these hilarious & aggressive Russian road rage fights

The Ultimate Russian Road Rage Compilation (HighSpeedManiaNET/YouTube)
February 26, 2016

We are all guilty of a little road rage from time to time. Whether it be from getting cut off in traffic or nearly getting run over by a distracted driver, commuting can be a headache-inducing chore that ruins the day in an instant.

But while the U.S. certainly has its fair share of road rage incidents, it pales in comparison to the road rage king of the world: Russia. From weapon-wielding drivers to insurance-scamming pedestrians, Russia appears to have some of the most dangerous roadway conditions of them all.

The Ultimate Russian Road Rage Compilation (HighSpeedManiaNET/YouTube)

Russia’s highway hijinks are often captured on video via a dashcam, a small camera that faces the driver’s view that records every unbelievable moment.

Check out some of the wildest Russian road rage incidents captured on video in the montage below:

The compilation includes some pretty shocking moments including smashed windshields, fistfights and pedestrians attempting to get “hit” by a car in the hopes of collecting a fat insurance check.

In a couple of the clips, the drivers with the dashcams even come face to face with guns.

In nearly every scene, individuals are shown getting out of their cars in the middle of busy roadways as they attempt to confront and fight other drivers. Shockingly, the rest of the motorists seem to simply go about their commute as they drive past the scene.

The Ultimate Russian Road Rage Compilation (HighSpeedManiaNET/YouTube)

When it comes to incidents on the road, the best way to handle the situation might just be with the car itself. To protect themselves from the crazy road ragers banging and screaming on their hoods and windows, a few of the drivers put the pedal to the floor and drive off, causing the troublesome individuals to scatter.

While situations with road ragers can often be dangerous, staying inside the vehicle and attempting to drive away from the situation is often the best means of protection.

The Ultimate Russian Road Rage Compilation (HighSpeedManiaNET/YouTube)

While more extreme road rage incidents like the ones featured in the video are less likely in the U.S., installing a dashcam is a great way to capture any and all moments that may arise while on the road. From simple fender benders to questionable drivers wreaking havoc on the road, getting it all captured on video offers an extra layer of protection for the driver.