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Ultimate Fighter Jets: A Close Comparison Between The F-22 Raptor & The F-35 Lightning II

February 08, 2016

Both are made by the same company. Both are 5-generation fighter jets. Both are the present and the future of the best air force in history.

We’re talking about The F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II – they cornerstones of our air superiority.


Built to ensure not only air superiority, but air supremacy, the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II are perhaps the best fighter jets ever produced. With engineering features and stealth designs far superior than any other fighter jet, they are head and shoulders above and beyond anything ever produced before. Here we bring you and fact-by-fact, side-by-side fighter aircraft full specifications comparison of these beauties. We are lucky they both fly under the flag.


Which fighter jet is better, the F-22 Raptor or the F-35 Lightning II? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below!