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The Insane Gun Ban Bernie Sanders Proposed Needs To Be Heard By All Voters

February 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders, is a “democratic socialist,” so it’s not a huge surprise that he wants to keep weapons out of the hands of Americans to protect the massive government expansion he is proposing.


It’s a tried and true method of socialist governments in the past: disarming the people as priority #1. Vermont may have high gun ownership, but it appears that matters little to their Senator.

While everyone knew he’d propose a strong gun control measure no one quite expected what he proposed on Meet The Press this summer. Here is a transcript of the brief plan he discussed with Chuck Todd:

Nobody should have a gun who has a criminal background, who’s involved in domestic abuse situations. People should not have guns who are going to hurt other people, who are unstable. And second of all I believe that we need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people, exclusively, not for hunting, they should not be sold in the United States of America, and we have a huge loophole now with gun shows that should be eliminated.

Here’s the video of that exchange:

We believe at that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is the one that protects all the others. That being said, we do not endorse or recommend candidates for our readers to support.

On the Democratic side, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have dismal ratings on guns (F and D- ratings from the NRA, respectively). So for a more info on where each of the candidates stand on guns, we have included this older infographic which shows each of the GOP candidates stood on the Second Amendment earlier this summer:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.03.04 AM

We are at a major crossroads in our nation’s history as it pertains to having the right to keep and bear arms. While many, like Sanders, think that the Second Amendment means we can keep firearms simply as tools to hunt, others know that they are for so much more.

Without guns, we wouldn’t have been able to fight the Revolution and without guns we have no way to defend ourself against whatever threats may come from the outside or even from the inside of our nation.

As you enter the voting booth, make sure you are well read on the issues, especially those pertaining to guns. We are creeping ever closer to a full ban on firearms which would be a disaster for our country and an insult to the founding fathers.