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Op-Ed: Retired Soldier Destroys Huffington Post’s New “Islamophobia Tracker”

February 05, 2016

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So I get this link in my inbox and nearly fell out of my chair laughing – Huffington Post is making an attempt for more readership or worse, trying to be top attention whore in the ‘media’ arena. Seriously? A tracker for ‘Islamophobia?’ There’s even a hyper link at the bottom in a ‘bright red box’ to report  ‘anti-Muslim’ acts; don’t want the human eye to miss that, do we, HuffPo?  It took me about 20 minutes to regain my composure so I could actually take this a bit seriously, hard as that might be, so I could dissect this blatant hypocrisy by Huffington Post.


First off, there is no such thing as ‘Islamophobia.’ There never was. It’s a term created by others who refuse to acknowledge that radical Islam exists. Period. Stop labeling it something it’s not and stick to the facts (re-read where I stated ‘radical Islam’ over and over if you have to). That means do your research on it before using a made-up term (Islamophobia) to describe how the rest of the world views Islam when it’s not true to begin with. 

Second, for a media outlet such as Huffington Post, I would have though they could at the very least not publicly show bias but no, they’ve reduced themselves to the company of sheep and seem to relish in the idea of promoting propaganda. With that stated, let’s see who is really the recipient of acts of violence, shall we?

Using Huffington Post’s logic, there should also be a ‘bright red box’ to report acts of violence against Jews, Christians, *gasp* Muslim on Muslim violence and all the other acts of violence against other religions and/or those who aren’t religious (I’m only annotating the top three religions only and by no means, negating the violence against the others). Because Huffington Post shows bias, here are the real numbers of real violence they choose to ignore.

The Jews – next to Christians, Jews are the most persecuted out of all the religions and targets of anti-Semitism on a global level. The FBI 2014 hate crime data lists the Jews as the top recipients of violence in the United States alone let alone on a global level; even President Obama notes that anti-Semitism is on the rise. In case some are still unconvinced that violence against Jews is on the rise, please open a search engine of your choice, type “global anti-Semitism” in the search bar – Huffington Post, take notes on this please. In five seconds, I found this, Attacks On France’s Jews Surge Amid Concerns Of Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe.”

Christians, the MOST persecuted of all the religions and it’s a damn shame that Huffington Post couldn’t be bothered with putting a ‘bright red box’ up for, at the very least, the Christians in the Middle East who are being butchered, sold, raped, used as sex slaves.  The Yazidi Christians and the Coptic Christians are only two of many examples of heinous persecution that Huffington Post refuses to be a ‘voice’ for. Hell, even a Huffington Post contributor states Christian persecution is a self-inflicted fallacy.” The company Huffington Post keeps applies here because last I checked, ‘denial’ is not a river in Egypt.

Muslim on Muslim violence and this is one report of many, Beyond Paris: 10,000s Of Muslims Killed By ISIS Since Declaring Caliphate – hey Huffington Post, does your “Islamophobia” tracker include this?  How about putting up a ‘bright red box’ for the Muslims who are butchered, stoned, raped, killed, thrown off buildings by other Muslims? Oh wait, that doesn’t fit your narrative on pushing your bias by promoting a fallacy, does it? I direct your attention to the Kurds, most of whom are Muslim, most of whom are fighting radical Islam, most of whom are being killed by radical Islam. Oh, then there’s the Middle East and countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan – whew, I need a break here, too many to list – who are guilty of Muslim on Muslim violence. Here’s a history lesson as well, the Sunni and Shia Muslims? Have literally been at each other’s throats for centuries; how does your “Islamophobia” account for that? Do you tell radical Muslims that they have “Islamophobia?” Pray tell, how does that work?

So, Huffington Post, you have a chance to redeem yourselves, if you choose, and take down that ridiculous “Islamophobia” tracker of yours and/or add a tracker for Judeophobia, Christianophobia, Muslim-on-Muslim phobia (yes I went there) and all the others who are persecuted for religion or not because the only fear going on now is the fear of letting ignorance of the truth be defined by a ‘bright red box’ labeled “Islamophobia.”