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Op-Ed: How About A National Concealed Carry License For Veterans?

February 25, 2016

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Self-defense is a right that all people should have correct? And can we agree that gun free zones do nothing more than make law abiding citizens put their guns away and become like all the rest, unarmed victims?


I have an idea that would increase the number of trained, firearms carrying citizens. What about a national concealed carry license that is issued to veterans? In all states that I know of, a veterans DD Form 214 is an acceptable form of training to get a concealed carry license. And with the national debate on firearms rights, and citizens carrying firearms, and of course the treatment of our veterans, what better way to give something back to them would be a nationally accepted concealed carry permit for honorably discharged veterans. We do it for police officers.

Trained in weapons, trained in use of force and defensive tactics, and having served in our country’s defense the issuing of a concealed permit that is recognized nationally would be a great benefit to our men and women of the military. We have the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act that allows any retired officer or officer with more than 10 years of service to carry nationwide, why not the same type of thing for vets? Veterans and military members have become targets of not only thugs and criminals, but also of terrorist groups worldwide.

Of course we know not all veterans would avail themselves of this benefit but having the choice to take advantage of it would be a win for all involved. Yes we know that not all veterans are safe to carry a firearm, but that is a simple matter just like not all LEO’s should be carrying. Yearly qualification? Sure why not. A course of some kind to be offered free by local law enforcement agencies? Sure why not.

There is no valid reason not to consider this option for veterans. And all it does is give the veteran a chance to defend themselves or their families if needed, and maybe yours and mine. This is not something that is difficult or farfetched, it would not be that difficult to enact. All we would have to do is follow the LEOSA, A VA or Military ID would be the ID needed to get one of these permits. DD Form 214 to show discharge status, and some type of ID that could be issued by any states VA Facility or maybe driver’s license agencies?

Reasonable, possible and positive all around. So what do you think?