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Israel’s Netanyahu Outraged Over Iranian Compensation For Palestinians

February 27, 2016

Not one to mince words, PM Benjamin Netanyahu called out the audacious move by Iran to compensate the families of the Palestinians and Palestinian attackers who have been killed in escalated attacks on Israelis. He continued to state that despite the Iran deal, Iran still “aids terrorism” and this latest act proves it.


PM Netanyahu’s comments come a day after the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Ambassador Mohammad Fathali, stated in Lebanese state-run news that Iran would ‘”pay $7,000 to the families of killed Palestinians to “enable the Palestinian people to stay in their land and confront the occupier.“’

For months now, Palestinians have engaged in near daily attacks on Israelis that resulted in the deaths of 28 Israelis and 166 Palestinians since September 2015.

Before PM Netanyahu’s meeting with the visiting Bulgarian PM, he went on record to say:

This shows that Iran, even after the nuclear agreement, is continuing to aid terrorism … This is something that the nations of the world must confront and condemn and assist Israel — and other countries, of course — in repelling.

PM Netanyahu was very vocal in his opposition to the Iran deal because it did not address Iran’s known state-sponsored terrorism funding of those militant groups who consider Israel an enemy (Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestine Islamic Jihad are three Iran-funded terror groups that frequently target Israel and her people) and his concerns basically fell on deaf ears by the United States as the Iran deal was pushed forward and passed with the U.S. hoping this would mark a “new chapter in relations with the Islamic Republic.

Upon hearing the news of the Iranian compensation offer, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the man who negotiated the Iran deal, said he was “extremely disturbed” by it and went on to say, before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that the compensation offer was:

…completely inappropriate and seems to lend some sort of credibility to that violence … and I think it’s the wrong choice by Iran.

Secretary Kerry and the proponents of the Iran deal were warned several times that something like this would come to fruition but instead, continued to push this deal through in hopes that Iran would change its ways. Incidentally, it should be noted that Hamas recently reached out to Iran to repair its ties only a few days ago and now that the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon vows to compensate these Palestinian families, it won’t take much to draw a conclusion that Hamas will too be part of that “compensation” package Iran’s offering.

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