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UPDATE: Heroic Marine Vet Attacked By Thugs Outside A DC McDonalds Gets A Major Surprise

February 23, 2016

Last week we told you the story of Christopher Marquez, the decorated Marine veteran that was knocked unconscious and robbed by a group of thugs outside a Washington D.C. McDonald’s.


In the days following the attack, a good Samaritan by the name of Danny Amoruccio started a GoFundMe campaign to help replace the $400 that was stolen from him. Her was his pitch:

“So, my name is Danny Amoruccio, a retired funeral director in Southwest Connecticut who had the honor of serving veterans who have passed before us.   I also come from a family who proudly served in the U.S. Army & Navy.

I find this to be an outrage and absolute disgusting situation our country is facing today.  And it needs to stop!  My heart went out to him and the least we can do as Americans is help him, as he helped to keep  the U.S. safe.  Why not raise $400.00 that was stolen by these thugs?  The credit card charges will undoubtedly be reversed, so I’m not asking for a million dollars here!

The monies raised here will undoubtedly be given directly to Mr. Marquez in PERSON, as I will hand him the check.  It will be broadcasted for all to see, to ensure this is NOT a scam.”

After the page began picking up traction, it caught Marquez’s attention and Amoruccio updated the group in one of the comments on the page:

“We [he and Marquez] chatted about it and he said that he would take care of his burdens, and whatever is left, he would definitely donate to charity.”

According to Fox 5:

Marquez said he would like use some of the money he gets as a reward for the cab driver who picked him up that night after he couldn’t pay because his wallet was stolen. The problem right now is he doesn’t know how to find that cab driver.”

Well, the GoFundMe page did just a little better than $400… It raised over $35,000!

In a thank you to all those that donated, Marquez filmed this video (may not work on all devices):


Since the brutal attack, two of the thugs have been arrested but sadly not charged with a hate crime. It’s been disturbing how silent the media has been on this attack thus far. Marquez fought in the “Hell House” firefight in Fallujah, Iraq and was photographed carrying his wounded brother out of harms way. The image became one of the most viewed of the war and even turned into a statue.

Below is the CCTV footage of the attack. If you’d like to give money to Marquez or get involved in his battle please find more info at his GoFundMe page.

Do you think this should be considered a hate crime, assault or something else? Sound off in the comment section below!