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Boko Haram Burned Children Alive In This Weekend’s Attack

February 01, 2016

This weekend, ISIS affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram launched an attack on a 25,000 person village called Dalori in northeastern Nigeria, which resulted in the death of 86 people.


According to one survivor of the attack, these savages burned children alive as part of the attack. Nigerian troops said they found numerous bodies of dead children with severe burns and riddled with bullet holes.

The survivor said that the terrorists firebombed huts in which they new children were in and all he could hear were the screams of the burning children.

In addition, the village was hit by three suicide bombers – all of whom were female. The fist wave of troops to try and drive Boko Haram out of Dalori were overwhelmed. It wasn’t until back-up, with more powerful weapons showed up that the assault ended.

This is concerning considering the Nigerian government had recently announced that Boko Haram was now unable to conduct major attacks like this any more.

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From USA AT:

Members of the radical Islamist group Boko Haramburned children alive as part of an assault in Nigeriathat killed 86 people, a survivor of the attack alleged.

The incident happened Saturday night in the village of Dalori in northeastern Nigeria. Two nearby camps housing 25,000 people who have fled Boko Haram were also attacked.

The Associated Press said it spoke to a survivor who said he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of children burning to death. Survivor Alamin Bakura told the AP that several of his family members were killed or wounded in the the attack, which lasted for nearly four hours.

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