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Amazing Rare Close-Up Crisp Footage Of Japanese Soldiers in WW2 On Iwo Jima

February 15, 2016

There is hardly any footage remaining of Japanese soldiers in World War 2 which makes this amazing footage that much more revealing.

This video is a 5 minute video with a narrator about Iwo Jima with original, crisp footage. Grab someone you love and watch this with them so they learn a little more about World War 2 and America’s greatest generation.


Over 800 ships were at Iwo Jima with many more landing craft. Hundreds of bombers hit Iwo Jima for 72 days before our troops went in. The Japanese initially thought that our bombardment were our actual attack and had thought we had been repulsed. Three days of even more intense bombardment preceded our Marine’s landings.

40,000 Marines were rushed to the shore on timetable precision. Enemy planes kept on hitting our B-29s.

The Japanese actually spent an entire generation fortifying Iwo Jima because they understood its significant strategic importance. But as the narrator says, “the Marines never heard the word, ‘Impossible.'”

One of the commenters sums it up, “My great-grandfather was there 4th division marines Lt.Wesson. He managed to survive that war. I miss him, he was a badass lol. Rest in peace hero. And all the heroes who fell in that war but they didn’t die in vain they fought for us and each other.”

And please do share this. It is a great educational tool. Current American generations need to be more exposed and educated on World War 2 and the evils that started it – and how America kicked rear-end to finish it.

What did you think of the footage?