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What do you make of this ranking of the top 10 most dangerous special ops forces in the world?

Top 10 special ops in the world (Screenshot/Youtube)
January 14, 2016

This controversial top 10 list of the most dangerous special ops forces is making its way around the internet.

The list starts off with the Sayeret Matkal, which is a special forces unit of the Israel Defense Forces. The video claims that “Sayeret Matkal was formed in 1957 to fill a void in Israel’s special-forces and is made up of candidates selected for their high physical and intellectual characteristics.” The video also mentions that “Operation Entebbe/Thunderbolt, demonstrated the determination and reach of Sayeret Matkal to the world in which more than 100 airplane hijacked passengers were rescued.”

Sayeret Matkal of Israel (YouTube)

Next on the list is EKO-Cobra of Austria. According to the video, EKO-Cobra “was formed in 1978, primarily as a response to the attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.” In addition, “the EKO-Cobra is the only Counter-Terrorism unit to end a hijacking while the plane was still in the air. They are considered by many as one of the best trained counter-terrorist units in the world.”

EKO Cobra of Austria (YouTube)

The list continues with GIGN of France. The video mentions that the GIGN “was formed after the Munich massacre in the 1971 Olympic Games. The unit is trained to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions.” The GIGN “is renowned for its swift responses and proficient combat capability in hostage rescue and anti-terrorism operations.”

Next is SSG of Pakistan, which “was created in 1956, and was also known as “Black Storks.” The SSG is considered to be one of the world’s best special forces because of their courage and bravery.” The video then mentions that “a Russian president once said that if he had Pakistan’s Army and Russia’s weapons, he could conquer the world because they are so brave.”

SSG of Pakistan (YouTube)

The video then mentions GROM of Poland as being yet another top special force. According to the video, “the unit was officially created in 1990 in response to terrorist threats. It is renowned for its quick responses, consummate combat capabilities and team spirit.” The video continues on by mentioning that “the GROM is currently deployed in anti-terrorist operations and is projecting power behind enemy lines.”

Those are the first five special forces that were mentioned in the video. Watch the entire video to see the other five top special forces in the world that are listed. While there are numerous great special ops forces in the world, let’s just say this ranking is debatable at best.

Take a peek at the video here: