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Watch what happens when you put a loaded Glock in a microwave

Glock in a microwave (Screenshot/Youtube)
January 15, 2016

Why would you put a loaded Glock in a microwave? Why not?! People have attempted to put bullets in a microwave to see what will happen to them but it takes a whole other level of crazy to put a loaded pistol into a microwave and have it shoot out.

Demolition Ranch is a YouTube channel dedicated to testing a variety of weapons, in particular guns, in interesting circumstances.

While Matt has tested putting handgun ammo, shotgun ammo and rifle ammo into a microwave and then turning it on, the results turned out to be unimpressive because all the force is distributed evenly and the ammunition is not chambered.

The hope of the experiment is to try to get the Glock heated up enough to the point where the pressure builds and the cartridge is set off, sending the round through the chamber and the barrel and then through the microwave, similar to how a gun is normally fired.

Matt is initially skeptical that a round could be fired off because of all the metal and plastic that absorbs the radiation.

Tape is used to keep the Glock standing so it can fire directly into the microwave if the experiment is a success.

Matt poses the question, will the Glock be able to fire into the microwave first before the microwave is able to completely destroy the Glock.

A loaded Glock is placed in a microwave (YouTube)

A hollow point is inserted into the chamber and a small hole is cut out in the microwave screen that way the Glock can be seen during the entirety of the experiment.

The experiment takes a few tries and several minutes before the gun goes off, but in the end, the results are fantastic and still somehow the microwave is still functional!

Either way, what seems like a foolish or dangerous endeavor on the surface turns out to be pretty darn cool.

The loaded Glock catches fire (YouTube)

But just don’t try doing this at home as it is incredibly dangerous. Hence, why Matt from Demolition Ranch puts up several barriers and blocks in the way so that the bullet can’t do any harm.

Check out the video to see what happens when a loaded Glock 19 is put in a microwave:

Demolition Ranch has a number of videos dedicated to testing guns in a variety of circumstances. Some of the most watched videos from the YouTube channel have achieved millions of views including “Is Titanium Bulletproof?,” “How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?,” “I Shot My Truck With A Tank…” and “How Much Paper Does It Take to Stop a 50cal?”