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(VIDEO) Real flesh demo shows just how deadly a Karambit knife is

Karambit knife in action (Screenshot/Youtube)
January 07, 2016

Looking for a dangerous knife? Well, look no further.

Knives come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of different purposes. When used as a weapon, there is a knife that is especially dangerous. That knife is the Karambit knife, which is crazy deadly, especially in close combat situations.

The knife features a curved blade and a grooved shaft that can keep it both hidden and securely in your grip.

Knife expert takes a swipe at the flesh mannequin (YouTube)

In the video, experts display what happens when this knife slashes the real flesh of a pig.

The video gives a great demonstration of what this knife can do when put up against a piece of flesh. This is a serious knife that needs to be handled carefully.

In the demonstration, the expert does a quick one-second slash towards the flesh. Without giving too much away, the knife essentially slashes through the flesh like a hot knife cutting through butter. The camera then does a close shot of the cut flesh, showing that a simple slash can create a deep cut, implying that this knife can easily impose some serious damage on anything that it is put up against.

Even though the knife is extremely dangerous, it is widely available online and at traditional retail stores. Despite it being easy to purchase, it is wise to receive some basic training on how to use the knife to prevent accidental injuries since this knife clearly leaves no room for mistakes.

The knife created a deep cut in the flesh (YouTube)

The design of the knife is what makes it so deadly, yet useful. The handle of the knife features a grippy texture with special slots for the user’s fingers. At the end of the handle, there is a loophole that one of the user’s fingers can hold. The loophole gives the user of the knife some unique abilities such as being able to quickly flip the knife. Another purpose of the loophole is to make it difficult for someone to take the knife out of the user’s hand, however, it’s likely that enemies will stay far away from someone with this knife in their hand as its quite daunting. Finally, the blade of the knife features a curved design with an extremely sharp point at the end. Depending on the quality of the specific Karambit knife, the tip itself can be sharp enough to perpetrate serious injuries.