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That’s A Monster! A Look At The Biggest Weapon Ever Built And Used In War

January 14, 2016

When it comes to war, bigger doesn’t always mean the best nor even the most powerful. Nonetheless, back in 1942, the biggest weapon was also the most devastating one known to man… Until we drop the atomic bomb in Hiroshima – but that’s another story.


When the European nations were victims of the German armies devastating invasion, fortifications were made to sustain everything the Germans could bring in strategical cities. Not to be stopped nor undone, Adolph Hitler himself inquired and commissioned the creation of a 1,350 tonnes, 800 mm caliber monster canon that could fire a 7-tonne shell to a range of 30 miles. The Schwerer Gustav, or in English, the Heavy or Great Gustav, was explicitly designed as a siege artillery weapon to penetrate and decimate super thick reinforced concrete fortifications. It was used only once during the war against Soviet fortifications that withstood everything Germany threw at them, and the results were beyond devastating.

What do you think was the most daunting invention during WWII? Share your opinions and comments in the section below!