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Symbolic Show Of Force: Video of US Air Force B-52 Flyover Korea To Send A Message

Fly over message to North Korea.
January 14, 2016

The little dictator in charge of North Korea likes to send messages. To start the year, they detonated what they claim to have been a Hydrogen bomb to intimidate South Korea and tell the world about their nuclear capacity. However, South Korea has a very powerful ally…America.


In response to the atomic test, the US Air Force sent a B-52 bomber in a flyover in Korea’s skies along with a South Korean F-15 and an American F-16 to show North Korea our solidarity with South Korea and put a simple display of a plane capable of delivering real nuclear weapons. The message was clear: stay within your lanes.

Do you think North Korea will ever engage in an open war with South Korea again? Share your opinions and comments in section below!