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Simply Incredible! U-2 Dragon Lady Needs Some Unusual Landing Help (Video)

January 20, 2016

It’s one of the best and longest serving spy weapons on the US arsenal. In use since the 1960’s by the US Air Force and the US Central Intelligence Agency, the U-2 Dragon Lady has flown in spy missions all over the world, from the 1962 Cuban-missiles crisis to the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Due to it’s high altitude flying capabilities, it iss strange to see this angle of the aircraft. The truth is, the slick U-2 Dragon Lady can’t land without the assistance of a chasing car. In this rarely seen footage we can see the interaction between the “Lady and her chaser”. Take a look.

Are you surprised that such a technically impressive weapon would need this type of “help? Share your opinions and comments in the section below!