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Op-Ed: The Iran Deal & POTUS – A Match Made In Heaven For Iran


Despite being quite young when the Iran Hostage Crisis happened, I still remember the look on my parents’ faces when the evening news came on that fateful day in November 1979. A look of utter shock turning to outrage.  For 444 days, 66 Americans were held hostage by anti-American Iranians led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a man who made no qualms on his utter disdain for the United States. Politics of that aside, there was a reason why severe sanctions were placed on Iran and this hostage crisis was at the very crux of those sanctions.  Fast forward to present day, the United States, through the POTUS has given “keys to the kingdom” to Iran via the Iran Deal which netted us 10 detained US sailors and 2 US Navy vessels by Iran.


When POTUS started pushing the Iran Deal hard, his argument was primarily based on avoiding war, so much so, that he said this:

“Some form of war” – let that sink in for a moment because war doesn’t always mean a direct armed conflict with a known threat, this threat being Iran. Iran has several proxy wars going on, one of which is with Saudi Arabia via Yemen. That proxy war involves the United States as we continue to support Saudi Arabia against the Iranian-back Houthis. This war was raging on whilst the Iran Deal was still being debated and whilst Iranian warships were posturing in the Persian Gulf against our US Navy warships. This action by Iran in the Persian Gulf was ignored by POTUS as he continued his full court press to promote the Iran Deal.

The Iran Deal has also given Iran more leverage to keep our Americans (US Marine, Amir Hekmati has languished over four years in an Iranian prison) in their prisons and not once, did POTUS or the State Department even attempt to negotiate their release as a contingency to pass the Iran Deal. The United States once had bargaining power to get our Americans released, “once” being the operative word. This in it of itself is “some form of war” by keeping our Americans locked up in hellish conditions.

Enter Iranian cyber warfare as another “some form of war.” Iranian hackers have been attacking official US government websites as well as emails and continue to do so virtually unabated. If Iranian hackers are doing this much damage to the US governmental infrastructure, imagine what $150 billion will do when Iranian assets are released.  Again, no word from POTUS or his administration on curtailing Iran’s cyber warfare aggression.

Some form of war” is what the United States witnessed yesterday when Iran detained 10 US sailors and 2 US Navy vessels only to be returned after the State of the Union address. The State of the Union address that President Obama gave that had absolutely no mention of our 10 sailors or even condemning Iran for this brazen act. This is not what civilized countries do, there was no declaration of war by the United States nor were these two US Navy vessels posturing in a threatening manner for Iran to take such drastic measures. A quick phone call by Iran to the United States would’ve remedied this situation posthaste, but instead, Iran did the unthinkable and as a trophy of sorts, published pictures and video  of their capture – 10 of our sailors and the two US Navy vessels.

Some form of war” is the exact result we are getting from this Iran Deal, Mr. President and Iran thanks you for the match made in Heaven for it benefits no one except a regime that’s sole premise is to see “DEATH TO AMERICA.”