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Mystery Swirls Around Secret Sniper Taking Out Top ISIS Leaders In Libya

January 29, 2016

In the hometown of Libya’s former leader Colonel Gaddafi and the current center of ISIS control in Libya, Sirte, legend is growing around a secret sniper that has taken out as many as 3 top ISIS leaders in under 2 weeks.


The result has been massive panic among ISIS leaders as the comb the city looking for the man – if in fact it even is a man, or only one man.

Here is a look at where the killings have taken place:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.31.02 PM

Rumors have surfaced that the sniper and his skills are probably a product of the violent revolution that took place as Gaddafi fell. Other rumors think he may be an American Special forces soldier gathering intel.

While ISIS’ rule has gone largely unchallenged, many experts do not believe the group is very popular and leaders of the group will remain the targets of attacks – especially from snipers as many of the city’s building still lay in ruin.

Many snipers popped up in the area after a 2001 film staring Jude Law called “Enemy at the Gates,” in which Law plays a Soviet sniper taking out Hitler’s forces, has gained popularity among militant men.

One victim of the sniper was Hamad Abdel Hady, a Sharia law official from Sudan, that was killed outside of a hospital in the city. A witness said:

“A state of terror prevailed among the Isil ranks after his death. They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper.”


From the Telegraph:

As befits all the best practitioners of his shadowy trade, no-one is quite sure whether he is one man or many, or even simply an urban legend.

But after a string of assassinations of its local henchmen, the Islamic State’s new “Caliphate” in the Libyan city of Sirte is abuzz with talk that an anti-Isil sniper is at work.

In recent weeks, no fewer than three Isil commanders in Sirte have been shot dead from long range, according to local media.

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