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Footage Released Of FBI Shooting Oregon Militiaman LaVoy Finicum (VIDEO)

January 29, 2016

The Oregon standoff hit a fever pitch after Wednesday’s shooting of LaVoy Finicum and arrest of 6 other militia members, including founder Ammon Bundy. Now the FBI has released video of that controversial shooting.


The video shows Finicum’s white truck pulled over for several minutes then taking off and being chased by cops for several minutes.

About the 9:15 mark, you see Finicum try to get around a police road block by driving off the road into the snow where his truck is promptly stuck.

Finicum exit’s his car with his hands up but as police surround him he appears to reach for his waist, although from the angle it’s hard to tell if that is due to a taser hitting him or from initially being shot.

Take a look for yourself:

Were the FBI agents within their rights to shoot Finicum? Sound off in the comments below!