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Poll: Millennials Want to Send Troops To Fight ISIS But Not Fight Themselves

December 11, 2015

A concerning new poll, conducted after the deadly attacks in Paris by the Harvard Institute of Politics, found that millennials aged 18-29 have strong views on ISIS yet don’t want  to do the dirty work themselves.


The Institute has asked the question on three separate occasions and there is a definite hardening of support, yet backbones have not increased by any margin.

While 60% say they support sending ground troops into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS, 62% say they wouldn’t want to go over and fight themselves.

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While polling director John Della Volpe, can’t say how many deployed troops young Americans support he does say:

“I’m reminded of the significant degree of distrust that this generation has about all things related to government…And I believe if young people had a better relationship with government … they’d be more open to serving.”


From NPR:

In the wake of the Paris attacks, a majority of young Americans support sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS, according to a wide-ranging new poll from the Harvard Institute of Politics.

The institute has asked millennials about the idea of American boots on the ground at three different times this year, and the survey results have fluctuated somewhat, but there seems to be a “hardening of support.”

In this most recent survey, 60 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds polled say they support committing U.S. combat troops to fight ISIS. But an almost equal number (62 percent) say they wouldn’t want to personally join the fight, even if the U.S. needed additional troops.

The disconnect in joining the fight comes down to how millennials feel about the government writ large, according to Harvard IOP Polling Director John Della Volpe.

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If you support sending troops somewhere, should you yourself be willing to fight? Sound off in the comments below!