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French Police Close 3 Mosques, Over 100 Could Follow

December 04, 2015

In a new crackdown by French authorities, 3 mosques found to be exhibiting a “pattern of radicalization.”


This aggressive new move comes amid France’s 3 month state of emergency, which would be the U.S. equivalent of the suspension of the writ of Habeus Corpus.

French Interior minister Bernard Cazaneuve said one mosque was in Lagny-sur- Marne, located in eastern Paris was closed by a large military contingent that placed 9 radicals under house arrest and barred 22 others from leaving the country.

The other 2 mosques were in Gennevilliers, in the northwest suburbs and in Lyon, respectively. They have been described as “pseudo-religious.”

Hassan El Alaoui, who’s in charge of all Muslim prison chaplains in France supports the move saying that the mosques were illegal and preached violence against other muslims.


From USA Today:

French authorities announced Wednesday they  shut down three mosques for an alleged “pattern of radicalization,” but terrorism analysts said such tactics are unlikely to be repeated in the USA.

Though a few small European mosques have been taken over by radicals — and it has happened in the USA — that’s not the trend anymore, said Evan Kohlmann, an analyst at the New York-based threat intelligence firm Flashpoint.

“Anyone in this country that gets the least reputation for being a known radicalizer is immediately investigated by the FBI,” Kohlmann said. “People with connections to extremists are investigated and removed from their positions.”

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