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Christmas Miracle: Terrorists In Kenya Raid Bus Looking For Christians, Unlikely Friends Shield Them

December 23, 2015

On a bus pack with about 100 people heading to relatives homes for Christmas, Al-Shabaab gunmen sought to separate Muslims from Christians.


This bus is usually escorted by police but the cruiser broke down and the bus continued on alone, until it was ambushed.

In a genuine Christmas miracle, everyone on the bus refused to allow that to happen. With a bus predominantly filled with Muslim women, they stood as one even as terrorists from this ISIS linked group got more angry and shot some passengers.

One Muslim man stood up and said:

“If you want to kill us, then kill us. There are no Christians here.”

Meanwhile, Muslim women were handing out articles of clothing to the many Christians on board so they could disguise themselves. Others helped the Christians hide behind bags and seats, shielding them from detection.

Eventually the gunmen left, vowing to return, but they did not.

The Interior Minister of Kenya applauded the passengers saying:

“We are all Kenyans, we are not separated by religion. We are one people as a nation. And this is a very good message from my brothers and sisters from the Muslim community.”


From CNN:

heir M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets.

But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday, things didn’t go according to plan.

A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded the Christian passengers and told the attackers they were prepared to die together.

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