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3-Star General Drops Numerous F-Bombs & Suggests Presenters Be Shot During Special Ops Briefing

December 18, 2015

In one of the craziest stories you’ll hear, Lt. Gen. John F. Mulholland Jr. is the subject of a damning report claiming he showed a lack of respect and dignity during a 2014 briefing at Special Operations Command briefing.


This wasn’t a small affair with his subordinates but included civilians and an Australian brigadier general.

Testimony collected in the report said Mulholland was out of control, ranting and raving. Here are some of the reported instances from the 50 minute meeting:

  • Mulholland reportedly said he would “fire all of you motherf—kers” and used the f-word “about five times” during the meeting “to punctuate his comments.”
  • Witness accounts differ, but Mulholland may have said team members “should be taken out and shot” or that they should shoot themselves. Mulholland told investigators he may have said something similar to the first version, and may have added that “he ‘ought to kill’ himself if the concept was briefed to ADM McRaven.”
  • Briefers attempted to argue with the general, which “exacerbated LTG Mulholland’s frustration and prolonged the meeting.”

Mulholland later left to take a job a the CIA but the Army is currently looking into the matter to decide on punishment.


From the Army Times:

A three-star general “failed to treat his subordinates with dignity and respect” when he unleashed a tirade loaded with f-bombs during a 2014 briefing at U.S. Special Operations Command headquarters and suggested the presenters be shot, according to a Defense Department report.

The remarks made by Lt. Gen. John F. Mulholland Jr. were “not indicative of LTG Mulholland’s normal comportment,” DoD investigators wrote in a July 9, 2014, report that was recently posted in the Office of the Inspector General’s Freedom of Information Act online reading room.

About six months after the report’s completion, Mulholland left his post as SOCOM deputy commander for his current post as the CIA’s associate director for military affairs.

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