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How Easy Is It To Obtain a Fake Syrian Passport?

November 20, 2015

In case you were wondering how easy it is to obtain a fake Syrian passport, we’ve got the answer for you. Not only is it quite easy, but the cost is also quite affordable considering what a Syrian passport can get you today (access to western nations). The price is between $250 and $1000, or more in some occasions.

Given the level of difficulty involved in performing successful background checks on individuals coming from an area of the world with little infrastructure left, it’s nearly impossible to check the validity of each and every passport and it’s associated data upon entry to western nations.


The family of a Kurdish asylum seeker who died in a truck in Austria in August had been easily able to buy fake Syrian paperwork in Zakho, an Iraqi city close to the Turkish border. “Obtaining Syrian documents in Zakho is like drinking water,” said the Kurd’s brother, Isa. “It is very easy.”


According to the Washington Post, the Paris bomber found with a Syrian Passport was not a Syrian refugee, but a former loyalist to the Assad regime in Syria prior to joining ISIS. This unfortunately underscores the seriousness of the problem at hand. No European agencies were able to connect the dots.


This Daily Mail reporter purchased the same passport used by one of the Paris bombers.


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