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WikiLeaks Releases SECOND Wave Of Emails From CIA Director Brennan

October 22, 2015

On Thursday, WikiLeaks dumped two additional documents from the personal emails sent from the AOL email address operated by CIA Director John Brennan. This coming in the wake of sixteen documents that were released yesterday by the “whistleblower” website.


These documents are of little consequence but the actions that were carried out to get them are extremely illegal which makes the realize of them so puzzling.

One of the non classified documents was from a 2007 Senate report while Brennan was serving as senior advisor on intelligence and security issues for the Obama campaign.

The CIA had this to say:

“The private electronic holdings of the Brennan family were plundered with malicious intent and are now being distributed across the web. This attack is something that could happen to anyone and should be condemned, not promoted.”


From NBC News:

WikiLeaks released two more documents and a list of contacts from CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account on Thursday — and again the material was neither classified nor revelatory.

Six other documents were released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday, days after an anonymous hacker told the New York Post that he had gained access to Brennan’s AOL account. The account was also used by other members of the Brennan family.

The two documents posted to the WikiLeaks site Thursday pertain to a draft report by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence minority staff director Louis Tucker to the committee’s ranking member, Sen. Kit Bond (R-Missouri).


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Is WikiLeaks out for publicity or do they feel as though the CIA is hiding something? Let us know what you think in the comments below.