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(WATCH) Soldier recites Infantryman’s Creed in gas chamber

Cadet's attempt the Infantryman's Creed in a gas chamber during basic training. (EdwardTheScott/YouTube)
October 30, 2015

Each recruit going through basic training will be subject to some of the harshest and most difficult tasks anyone could experience. One such scenario involves reciting the Infantryman’s creed while inside a gas chamber.

Cadets are expected to recite the creed in its entirety in front of their fellow trainees and drill sergeants. The difficult task test one’s focus, will power and ability to perform under pressure.

Check out the infantry brother’s attempt below:

The cadets perform the task by their second week of training as part of their chemical warfare and gear instruction. First, the soldiers will learn how to properly wear and use gas masks.

Once they can successfully equip themselves, it is time to experience the chamber without the aid of a mask.

Cadet’s attempt the Infantryman’s Creed in a gas chamber during basic training. (EdwardTheScott/YouTube)

The gas chamber is pumped with a controlled concentration of CS gas, most commonly called tear gas. First-hand experience with tear gas is critically important in basic training because it is the chemical most commonly used for self-defense and by riot police.

Tear gas can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat immediately upon contact. Prolonged exposure can affect breathing, incite coughing, and lead to unsightly bodily fluids.

Cadet’s attempt the Infantryman’s Creed in a gas chamber during basic training. (EdwardTheScott/YouTube)

The cadet in the video does an outstanding job reciting the creed almost in its entirety. Most cadets may make it through just a couple of words before needing to be escorted out of the room, but the soldier in the video makes it all the way to the end, and he admits in the video description that he only missed one line.

Here’s the entire creed to follow along:

I am the Infantry.
I am my country’s strength in War,
her deterrent in peace.
I am the heart of the fight –
wherever, whenever.
I carry America’s faith and honor
against her enemies.
I am the queen of Battle.

I am what my country expects me to be –
the best trained soldier in the world.
In the race for victory,
I am swift, determined, and courageous,
armed with a fierce will to win.

Never will I fail my country’s trust.
Always I fought on –
through the foe,
to the objective,
to triumph over all.
If necessary, I fight to my death.

By my steadfast courage,
I have won 200 years of freedom.
I yield not:
to hunger,
to cowardice,
to fatigue,
to superior odds,
for I am mentally tough, physically strong,
and morally straight.

I forsake not –
my country,
my mission,
my comrades,
my sacred duty.

I am relentless
I am always there,
now and forever.

I am the infantry. Follow me!