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Russia Strikes U.S. Armed Rebels, Not ISIS

October 01, 2015

On Wednesday, Russia flew 20 missions over Syria in what were expected to be airstrikes against ISIS.


However according to Reports, the strikes were nowhere near ISIS lines but rather were aimed at “moderate” rebel forces that are armed and trained by the United States.

The U.S. immediately condemned the attacks, expressing “grave concern” for what the Russians were doing.

If Russia is bombing forces that are trained, armed and advised by the U.S., does that mean we are fighting a war with Russia?

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From Funker 350:

Today Russia’s defence ministry released a statement claiming that their jets flew around 20 missions over Syria on Wednesday. Russia’s news agencies released a statement claiming that the strikes were targeting ISIS militants, which fell under immediate criticism from Syrian activists, rebel groups, and the U.S. government.

Syrian rebel groups, including the FSA, immediately released statements claiming that the Russian airstrikes were nowhere near ISIS positions. The rebels claim that their true targets were “moderate” rebels fighting against Assad, some of which have been armed and trained by the U.S.

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