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Geologist Makes A Discovery So Bizarre, NASA Is Helping Him Study It

October 30, 2015

They’re called Steppe Geoglyphs, shapes and patterns formed from mounds of dirt that can only be seen from high above the ground.

Recently, a Kazakh archaeologist discovered numerous new ones in Turgai, Kazakhstan while combing the vast plains in the area on Google Maps. They were circles, swastikas, boxes, crosses and more. But if you were on the ground, they’d be invisible to you.


NASA has now begun to lend a hand as they prioritize the requests from researchers on earth for photos.

Theories range what these shapes could be, from ways of tracking time to aliens!

Check out some of the images NASA brought back:






From Gizmodo:

Turgai, Kazakhstan might not look like much besides wide, sweeping plains. But over the past few years, archaeologists have revealed more than 200 massive earthworks, so large that you’d never notice them from the ground. As the New York Times reports today, no one knows their purpose–yet.

They’re called the Steppe Geoglyphs, or the Turgai Geoglyphs, and they were discovered by a Kazakh archaeologist browsing Google Earth in 2007. While clicking over the seemingly empty landscape, he saw remarkable patterns in the soil: crosses, boxes, swastikas, circles, and more, created from mounts of dirt only three feet high and roughly 30 feet wide. All in all, there are now 260 known geoglyphs here.

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