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Buzzfeed Shamelessly Attacks Christopher Columbus

October 13, 2015

Each year on Columbus Day, folks of the media snipe about the ethics of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, and each year the chorus gets louder.

No publication is louder than Buzzfeed who try to get cute with click-bait articles smashing an explorer that lived well over 500 years ago. This year they featured the best Columbus bashes from Twitter.


Here’s the deal, Columbus boarded 3 ships that no one today would take across a lake, never mind an ocean. He set off to find a new route to Asia which he wasn’t even sure existed.

Just those two feats alone take major balls. Once Columbus arrived in the new world he found it covered in people he had never experienced before and had no idea whether they were friend or foe. In today’s terms, it would be like meeting aliens for the first time.

Was everything Columbus did correct? No. But if you want to apply 2015 ethics to 1492, you are going to be disappointed 100 times out of 100.

Check out Tony Soprano approach the topic, and below that find some of Buzzfeed’s Twitter picks:

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