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700 Migrants Completely Vanish In Germany

October 30, 2015

German officials are fuming with anger after a recent survey found that 700 of the 4,000 Syrian migrants brought into the state of Lower Saxony have completely vanished.


In fact, in the city of Lingen, half the 212 migrants brought to their city left shortly after arrival.

Since the majority of these migrants didn’t register, no one knows who they are – ghosts wandering Germany. Officials seem to believe this has happened as many try to reunite with family, find a better living situation, or simply get disoriented.

However, with reports claiming terror groups like ISIS are embedding themselves with these pools of migrants, many think this could mean terrorists are on the loose in Bavaria.


From Sputnik:

Roughly seven hundred of 4,000 asylum-seekers who had been initially accommodated in the German state of Lower Saxony have mysteriously disappeared, and because of administrative breakdowns, local authorities are clueless about who and where they are.

The staggering figures were revealed by local officials in the northwest German state by a survey conducted by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ) newspaper. Because many of the refugees hadn’t been registered yet, nothing is known about who they are or where they might have gone.

Some have speculated that the immigrants departed from the mostly rural province to either reunite with their relatives or to look for more attractive places to stay elsewhere in Germany or even abroad, according to the Local. Others point to failures to provide adequate housing for refugees.

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