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West Point Professor Resigns After Calling Legal Scholars “Treasonous”

September 03, 2015

A recently hired West Point law professor named William C. Bradford resigned on Sunday after calling legal critics of the war on terror “treasonous” and suggesting they be treated as “unlawful enemy combatants.”

The comments came in a legal paper he wrote entitled “Trahison des Professeurs” or Treason of the Professors which was published in the National Security Law Journal in July.


Bradford claim that groups of legal scholars are in essence aiding the enemy and seems to suggest that they be attacked, imprisoned or worse. This has lead to Bradford himself getting death threats.

However, Bradford is doubling down saying he stands by his paper, and that people are taking him out of context.

Here is some of what he wrote:

“As unlawful combatants for failure to wear the distinctive insignia of a party, CLOACA [critical law of armed conflict academy] propagandists are subject to coercive interrogation, trial, and imprisonment. Further, the infrastructure used to create and disseminate CLOACA propaganda — law school facilities, scholars’ home offices, and media outlets where they give interviews —are also lawful targets given the causal connection between the content disseminated and Islamist crimes incited. Shocking and extreme as this option might seem, CLOACA scholars, and the law schools that employ them, are — at least in theory — targetable so long as attacks are proportional, distinguish noncombatants from combatants, employ nonprohibited weapons, and contribute to the defeat of Islamism.”

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