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U.S. Navy Creates Algorithm To Predict Pirate Attacks

August 17, 2015

Pirates aren’t the most sophisticated bunch of folk. And pirate attacks increase and decreased based on a variety of factors such as weather, geopolitical strife along African coastal regions, vessel commonalities and more.

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Specifically, the system combines intel that provide data about pirates and pirate groups and where their bases and stations are located. It also allows the Navy to see how fast specific groups operate and what sorts of craft they use. It can analyze patterns of pirate activity — how they prey on targets on the sea.

A three-armed model, the replicate highlights how pirates leave their hideout, how they hunt down their prey and how they go back to their bases.

With its “pirate replicate” system, this new method of predicting pirate activity can actually be applied in other areas, such as warfare underwater and anti-narcotic busts, according to the patent.

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