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U.S. Military: We’ve Successfully Tested New Ballistic Missile Interceptor

August 04, 2015

Good news everyone. The military is getting better and better at creating a shield around the United States in case Russia, China, Iran or a terrorist organization launch an attack on us.

On Monday, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS John Paul Jones tested new interceptor technology, SM-6 that can shoot down ballistic missiles and also airplanes towards the end of their flight path. The existing version of this technology can shoot down airplanes, helicopters and cruise missiles, but not ballistic missiles. The Navy already has a separate ballistic missile interceptor named the SM-3 that ships can use to shoot down ballistic missiles that are halfway through their flight path. In case the SM-3 misses the new SM-6 would be used to intercept the enemy missile and airplanes at the end of their flight path.


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The Navy has another interceptor, called SM-2 Block IV, that can also shoot down missiles in the last phase of flight. But it differs from the SM-6 in that its primary purpose is to defend airspace immediately surrounding ships while the SM-6 is designed to provide air defenses over the horizon.

During the first test event in the series, John Paul Jones sailors on July 28 fired a modified SM-6 to destroy a ballistic missile. On July 31 and Aug. 1, the sailors tested the new interceptor against two different types of cruise missiles.

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