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Stolen Valor: Politician Exposed Lying About Military Service In A Big Way (VIDEO INVESTIGATION)

August 26, 2015

We all know politicians lie to just about everyone. But now a New Jersey mayor has been exposed as lying about his military service! Then the mayor apparently used his political position to spend public funds to investigate someone who was questioning his service in what many are considering retaliation.

Then NCIS got involved and now this story is going public. Is anyone surprised about this coming from a politician?

ABC 6 out of Philadelphia has brought light to the lies. Not only did the mayor lie once he got caught, but then he reportedly kept on abusing his power to investigate someone who confronted him on his lies.


The mayor of Orange County New Jersey, John Spodofora, mayor since 2010, apparently “spoke of his survivor’s guilt, and told tales of his time serving in Vietnam. But his military service records tell a different story, of a naval technician who was thousands of miles away, in Puerto Rico, Panama, and the Mediterranean with no documentation Spodofora ever served in the war zone.”

But he also lied about receiving the Vietnam War Medal of Valor! On his 2011 campaign fliers he said he was a “Vietnam War Medal of Valor recipient.”

ABC 6 asked the mayor if he was anywhere near Vietnam during the war and his response was, unbelievably, “I can’t say.”

“Spodofora has not always been so secretive about his military service. His 2011 election fliers and his township bio touted he was a Vietnam veteran and Vietnam War Medal of Valor recipient.”

Earl Galloway told ABC 6, “I knew the truth that he wasn’t in Vietnam.”

ABC 6 also found out,

Public records show Spodafora enlisted in the Navy in 1966, and served as a technician performing maintenance on cryptologic machinery, or “CTM,” across the Mediterranean and Atlantic, until he was honorably discharged in 1973.

His two medals included, “Good Conduct” and a “National Defense Service Medal.” There was no record of a Navy “Medal of Valor” or any medals from serving in a combat zone.

In a 2012 city council meeting, Galloway asked the mayor to tell the public the truth, and Spodofora made a shocking admission.

“I was not in Vietnam and the “Medal of Valor” was a medal of valor as I explained, from a non-military medal. It was from Safari Club International,” the mayor said.

You can read more at ABC 6 here.

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