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RARE & NEWLY RELEASED VIDEO: Original Footage From Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

August 05, 2015

The AP and a partner, the newsreel archive British Movietone, recently published 550,000 videos to YouTube from historical events such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor and many more. This is original footage and reporting on the bombing and it’s quite jarring. Please watch and share this newly released moment of history on Facebook. The world needs to see this original footage.


This is part of a big step in an industry-wide push to release archived information onto the web for the world to see. The description for the video says:

First film of the havoc inflicted on that fateful Sunday DECEMBER 7TH 1941. Shots of burning hangars and the Battleship “Arizona” on fire. The aftermath – planes including a “Catalina” lie wrecked and the “Utah” is upside down. The “Arizona” is partially submerged and completely wrecked while the “Oklahoma” is on its side. The Destroyers “Downes” and “Cassin” are badly damaged. A Cruiser steams out past the blazing “Arizona”. The story ends with library shots of the US fleet at sea, and in rough weather – one of the ships is the “North Carolina”.



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