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ISIS Suicide Bomber FAIL: Artillery Strikes Terrorists Bomb-Strapped Car

August 14, 2015

As an ISIS suicide bomber approaches a Kurdish checkpoint in a car loaded down with explosives the Pershmerga fired off an artillary round at the car.

The bombs inside exploded well before the terrorist reached the target, sending the car flying 300 feet in the air!

Check out the unreal footage here:

Here’s the description from the video:

An ISIS vehicle approaching a secure area held by Kurdish forces was sent airborne exploding in mid-air.

According to Powershift Magazine, upon arrival at the Kurdish military base in the southern part of Kirkuk, Pershmerga Forces got word of an ISIS suicide bomber headed towards their base.

The Kurdish forces then phoned in and initiated an artillery strike on the vehicle.

The footage, posted to video-sharing website LiveLeak, shows the driver close to the checkpoint before a Kurdish forces send what appears to be a truck catapulting some 300 feet (100m) in the air before it explodes.

The Kurdish military otherwise known as Pershmerga, translated means the ‘one who confronts death,’ has been one of the groups in Iraq fighting ISIS in the area of Kirkuk.

Kurdish forces have been working together with the US and Iraqi military to help defeat ISIS in the region after the terrorist hold of significant cities in the country.