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Feds Foil MAJOR Jade Helm 15 Murder Plot

August 06, 2015

In North Carolina, a military surplus owner got so concerned about the activity of three men – Walter Eugene Litteral, 50; Christopher James Barker, 41; and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30; that he he became an FBI informant.

It all began when the owner moved his store next to Campbell’s tattoo parlor. They got to talking regularly, Campbell expressing deep concerns over the coming Jade Helm 15 exercises in the area. While they were months away, Campbell was sure that it was part of a government plot to impose martial law.

Court documents say that the informant said Campbell believed “that the federal government intended to use the armed forces to impose martial law in the United States, which they [Campbell and friends] and others would resist with violent force”

Over the coming months the three men bought body armor and Kevlar helmets, pipe bombs and handmade grenades. Additionally they picked up large amounts of gunpowder and dozens of round of ammo for a military-grade sniper rifle.

Documents show they planned, According to the Washington Post:

to “make pipe bombs, explosive tennis balls covered in nails and coffee cans filled with ball bearings that would be detonated with a shot from a sniper rifle.”

In short, they were ready for war and by mid-June their plans were coming together.

Walter Litteral had the following things to say in different conversations according to court documents:

“Lemme tell you something, I gonna have my f——- house rigged up; these motherf—— come try to come in my house, it’s gonna go off.”

“I got a f—— .45 beside my bed. I got a .45 and a 9-mil in my truck. I’ve got a 9-mil and a .380, or a .380 in her car. Safe full of weapons. You know what? Every time I open up this damn safe, I mean I’ve got, I’ve got at least 30 weapons that I can see and some tucked all the way in the back back.”

The house of cards began to fall when they discussed plans to booby-trap Camp Shelby in North Carolina and brought in Christopher Barker, a convicted felon. When Litteral attempted to buy a gun for the felon, background checks were held up by local authorities and then the FBI.

Days later the FBI moved in. The men face up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 fines. Campbell also faces charges of receiving, possessing or making a firearm, which carries up to 10 years and a $20,000 fine.




More from the Washington Post:

The men had a deadly plot to lure government forces into a trap, federal officials say, and were amassing a stockpile fit for war.

There were Kevlar helmets and body armor, pipe bombs and handmade grenades, large amounts of gunpowder and dozens of rounds of ammunition for a military-grade sniper rifle.

Federal officials say three North Carolina men — Walter Eugene Litteral, 50; Christopher James Barker, 41; and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30 — spent months compiling their cache, much of it purchased through a military surplus store owner who became so concerned about the plot that the person became the FBI’s informant.

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Is Jade Helm 15 really a threat to security or is it all a big conspiracy theory? Sound off in the comments below!