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British Grandfather Leaves Family & Dogs To Fight ISIS

August 10, 2015

Most grandparents look forward to the day that they can spend hanging out with their grandchildren, golfing regularly and enjoying a slower life. Jim Atherton, 53 of Britain is NOT that type of grandparent.

After being disturbed beyond words by what he saw going on in Iraq with ISIS, the former caretaker of rescued daschunds sold his car, bought weapons and headed to Iraq.


British officials urged him not to go but he could not be dissuaded. He had this to say to the UK’s Sun newspaper:

“I’m not a young bloke, I had a heart attack in 2007. But it’s something I felt I had to do. I wanted my grandkids to know what I’m really about… Nobody seemed to be doing anything about it, so I decided that I would…I don’t think I’m Rambo but I believe I’m a good soldier. Of course I miss my family and dogs.”

He has joined a Christian militia known as Dwekh Nawsha which means “The Sacrificers.” His unit protects small villages such as al-Qosh.


He came across the group on the internet and said that they have made him feel very welcome. It wasn’t easy however. The first time he arrived in Turkey he was turned away.

Atherton has claimed his family is devastated at his decision. However, he is fully aware of the risks having had his brother die fighting in Iraq. He urges no one else to join him.


From the Telegraph:

A British granddad has left his family to join militants fighting Isil on the frontline in Iraq claiming he could no longer sit back and do nothing.

Despite having no military experience, Jim Atherton, 53, of Tyne and Wear, has sold his car to buy weapons and has already come under mortar and rocket attacks.

The granddad, who before leaving for Iraq cared for rescued daschunds, said Special Branch had tried to persuade him to come home, but he believed his place was fighting jihadists.

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