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Report: War Of The Future Will Feature Super-Soldiers And Drones

July 24, 2015

Leaders from the U.S. Defense Department, Army Research Lab, Institute for Defense Analysis and a a few top universities gathered for a workshop to discuss what wars of the future would look like and how we ought to prepare. The report was they released was entitled Visualizing the Tactical Ground Battlefield in the Year 2050.

It portrays a world vastly different combat world than today. Drones patrol the skies and automatically destroy enemy locations upon detection, no human interaction needed.

The report says:

“The difference being that in the former, human decisions are a required step in a process and thus humans are exercising positive control, while in the latter, humans can only observe the behaviors that are taking place, but they can only act after the fact or in anticipation of expected behaviors.”


On the ground super-soldiers – enhanced by exoskeletons, genetic engineering and technological implants – will roam the battlefields.

The report explains:

“These super humans will feature exoskeletons, possess a variety of implants and have seamless access to sensing and cognitive enhancements, they may also be the result of genetic engineering. The net result is that they will have enhanced physical capabilities, senses, and cognitive powers. The presence of super humans on the battlefield in the 2050 time frame is highly likely because the various components needed to enable this development already exist and are undergoing rapid evolution.”

Could the real-life adaptation of the “Halo” video game be on its way?

Read the full report here

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