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Navy SEAL Congressman Calls On Department of Defense To Arm Military At Service Centers

July 17, 2015

Navy SEAL and current Congressman from Montana, Ryan Zinke signed a letter on Friday calling on the Dept. of Defense to arm military personnel at service centers.

Zinke joins in with 23 other Congressmen.

More information was found on Florida Congressman John Mica’s website. Read the full release and also the official letter to Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter.


Washington, D.C. – Today U.S. Rep. John L. Mica (FL-07) and other Members of Congress called on Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to allow U.S. military to arm and defend themselves at vulnerable military facilities.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those lost in yesterday’s attacks,”Mica said. “It is striking to note that a sign posted on one of the recruiting centers in Tennessee proclaims that the facility is a gun-free zone.  ISIS has declared war on our military and we cannot deny our service men and women the right and opportunity to defend themselves.”

We’ve entered a new era: ISIS has repeatedly urged loan wolf attackers to kill and terrorize American military personnel.  Recently, militants secured the records of American military personnel and have specifically targeted those serving the Middle East Theater and their families. Despite this fact, a policy that dates back to the Clinton Administration restricts certain U.S. service members from being armed at many military locations.

“We must ensure that no other service men and women are lost without at least having the chance to properly defend themselves,” Mica continued.  “If the Secretary does not act, I will support legislation to make certain that this goal is accomplished.” 

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Mica was successful in gaining support for legislation that has allowed commercial pilots to be armed.

Today’s letter to Secretary Carter:

Dear Mr. Secretary:

In light of the most recent attack in which four marines were killed at military service centers, domestic terrorist attacks and threats from ISIS on our military, we request you take immediate steps to allow our military personnel to be armed at these facilities.  Since ISIS has declared war on the U.S. military, it is time we allow our service men and women to be armed to defend themselves.  As we have learned from these attacks, soft targets like recruiting centers are at risk, and in these instances there were signs that read “gun-free zone.”

Again, with a direct and specific threat from ISIS to attack American military facilities, it is vital that the Department immediately institute measures to protect our service members and interests at home and abroad.  We would be glad to meet with you to discuss this matter, but I encourage you to act immediately.


List of Members signing the letter: 

John Mica
Pete Sessions
John Shimkus 
Ryan Zinke
Bruce Westerman
Walter Jones 
John Duncan
Paul Gosar 
Ron DeSantis
Mark Walker
Rod Blum
Virginia Foxx
Austin Scott
Billy Long
David Joyce
Chris Gibson
Lynn Jenkins
Blake Farenthold
Dan Newhouse
Matt Salmon
Raul Labrador
Markwayne Mullin
Luke Messer
Michael Burgess
What do you think? Should all military personnel be allowed to carry arms to defend themselves at all vulnerable military locations? Tell us in the comments!