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(VIDEO) Marine Vet & Firefighter Takes Down Robber In A Convenience Store

July 15, 2015

Daniel Gaskey who is currently a Firefighter in Midlothian, Texas served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2003-2011 and did a tour in Iraq. It’s the skills he picked up in the Corps that prepared him for the heroics he performed while picking up a few items early morning at the Oasis Food Store.

As Gaskey approached the check-out counter, a man shoved him aside and grabbed the clerk of the store while wielding a knife

“He pulled it out, set it on the counter and started going into his deal, telling the lady, ‘We are going to make this quick and easy. Give me your money,’ or whatever.” Gaskey recalled.

Thats when this true public servant sprang into action, restraining him with one arm and disarming the robber with the other before taking him to the ground. Gaskey told the clerk to call 911 and he held the robber on the ground until the police showed up.

What he gained in the Marines served a role in his actions that day, he explained “I was always really confident in my hand-to-hand skills. I had, by no means, any special forces or anything like that training. In the Marine Corps, the saying is every Marine is a rifleman, which means every Marine is trained in basic infantry regardless of your job.
“I would say that kicked in a little bit. I read the assessment and I kept an eye on his knife. When I went for it, I made sure to maintain control of his hands. That is really all it is. I don’t want to paint the picture that it was an epic battle. It was just a simple act. I took him by surprise.”

Watch the CCTV footage of the take-down: