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COMBAT FOOTAGE: US Medic Shot In Chest By Sniper, Survives, Treats Snipers Wounds After Capture

July 24, 2015

In an incredible story of survival and military class, the below video shows the amazing moment that Spc. Stephen Tschiderer was hit with a sniper’s bullet in Iraq and the moments after.

Spc. Stephen Tschiderer was hit in the chest by a sniper that surprisingly was located quickly by members of his unit.

“It’s not a big deal that I got shot, I’m a Soldier, and Soldiers get shot every day.” said Tschiderer.


A chase followed. US troops shot at the tires of the van that the would-be assassin’s tried to escape in. One of the rounds hit the sniper in the toe.

After a chase on foot, the terrorist was detained and put back in the humvee. Without hesitation, Tschiderer – still wounded himself- treated the man who just moments before tried to end his life.

“He was hurt and I had to do my job,” he said.

An incredible tale and a classic video:

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