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Navy Investigating Claims That SEAL Moonlighted As Pornstar

Navy Special Warfare Command has begun an official investigation

Navy Special Warfare Command has begun an investigation into claims that a decorated Navy SEAL was moonlighting as a porn actor, according to reports.

Captain Jason Salata spoke to FOX News, saying the Navy is investigating whether Chief Special Warfare Officer Joseph Schmidt III went through the proper channels to alert his command about outside employment, and if his command condoned his behavior at all.

“There are very clear regulations which govern outside employment … as well as prohibitions on behavior that is discrediting to the service,” Salata said.

Schmidt started under the pseudonym “Jay Voom” alongside his wife, porn actress Jewels Jade. Jade began appearing in pornographic films in 2001 but left shortly after to pursue a real estate business with her husband in Virginia, where he was stationed. When the business became unprofitable and stuck the couple with over 2 million in debt, Jade turned to stripping and eventually pornography to make ends meet.

“It’s helped our family. It got us out of a lot of financial issues we were going through,” Jade said to FOX News. “I could take care of the child. I could try to get us out of financial debt.”

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