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Watch As A-10 Warthogs Swoop In To Destroy ISIS Fighters

There are few things more exciting than the sights and sounds of an A-10 Warthog. The behemoth plane has been the friend to infantrymen in many different combat zones, and the fight against ISIS is no exception.

While drones may play a big role in bombing insurgent locations, very little compares to the devastating strafing runs of the A-10. The video begins with the pilot spotting fighters on the ground, and unleashing a devastating barrage of fire from the planes 30MM cannon as it strafes the target.

The video also details some cool specifications on the A-10, and gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the future of the mighty warplane. But don’t worry just yet, the plane has been revamped to last another 20 years or more, with many more fights ahead of it!

Joshua Raymond-Castro

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