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Then & Now: The Legacy Of Marine Raiders

Then & Now: The Legacy Of Marine Raiders Featured

Although the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) as we know it began their official operations in 2006, the history of the Marine Raiders dates back much further than that.

This video is a touching tribute to the Marine Raiders of yesteryear, and shows us that even though the uniforms and weapons might be different today, the men that successfully pass the training and choose to be critical skills operators embody the same warrior spirit that the Raiders of World War II had. It also draws comparisons between the Marines of then and now, and explains how the mission of the Marine Raiders has changed over the years, and what things have remained the same after all this time.

Check out the history below:

Joshua Raymond-Castro

Joshua Raymond-Castro

Joshua Raymond-Castro is a U.S. Marine Veteran and Journalist. He studies Journalism and Mass Communications at Ashford University and resides with his wife and son in the Washington D.C. area. You can follow his articles on