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Former Gitmo Detainee Killed By U.S. Airstrike In Yemen

Yasir al-Silmi, a former detainee of the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, was killed by U.S.-led coalition air strikes on March 2nd, the Pentagon confirmed Monday.

“We can confirm the death of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Yasir al-Silmi,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said.

Al-Simli, a Yemeni national, had been detained at the facility for nearly seven years, between 2002 and 2009. A leaked memo showed that in 2008, the U.S. Department Of Defense recommended al-Simli be kept in custody indefinitely for fear of future terror involvement.

“It is assessed [that the] detainee will engage in extremist activities upon release. He has threatened personnel and continues to support jihad,” the memo read.

The documents were signed by Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, who commanded the detention center at the time the documents were released. They also listed over 65 incidents while he was incarcerated, including attacks on guards.

Al-Simli, who also operated under the nickname “Mohammed Tamar,” was killed in one of the 40 air strikes that have been carried out over the last five days.

Capt. Davis added that al-Simli was killed at the same time as Usayd al-Adani, “a long-time Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula explosives expert and facilitator who served as the organization’s emir.”

Joshua Raymond-Castro

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