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Counter Extremism Project Releases Updated Terrorist Database

Counter Extremism Project Releases Updated Terrorist Database Featured

Yesterday, Counter Extremism Project, or (CEP), a non-profit organization that partners with agencies and governments worldwide to combat ideological extremists and terrorists, released a new and improved database, along with a slew of updated profiles, including information on dozens of well-known, high-level terrorists who are wanted around the world. The database released an array of features, including the ability for users to search through categorized information such as name, organizational affiliation, and country of origin. According to their website, users will be able to utilize a “searchable list and an interactive map of detailed biographical information on more than 400 of the world’s most dangerous extremist leaders, propagandists, operatives, and financiers.”

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The map feature allows you to narrow your search by specific country or region, but you can also browse through various profiles or narrow it down to fit a specific search parameter.

Along with assisting government agencies, the media and the general public on understanding the threat from extremists around the globe, CEP also states that they have a bigger mission. They are committed to “exposing channels of financial and material support to extremist groups”, “using the latest communications, social media, and technological tools to identify and reveal the extremist threat and directly counter extremist ideology” and recruitment online” and “assisting policymakers around the world to devise legislation and regulations that effectively combat extremism.”

You can check out their complete database at


Joshua Raymond-Castro

Joshua Raymond-Castro

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