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Female Navy Veteran’s Video Gone Viral Shows Why Guns Do Not Kill (11+ Million Views)

Female Navy Veteran, Jacqueline Carrizosa’s video on why guns are only tools for killing and that humans are the ones responsible for violence has gone viral.

She originally posted the video in June and since then, she has received more than 11 million views on the Facebook video.


In the video, Carrizosa goes through a step-by-step process of taking a fully automatic rifle and shooting it at a gun range.

At first she has the rifle and the loaded magazine separate and places both of them down. Then she inserts the magazine into the rifle to load it and once again placing it down by itself.

“Let’s connect a human to the gun,” Carrizosa says before she fires the rifle down range.

“See how that works. Humans operate the gun, things happen,”she says. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Carrizosa served in the Navy and was active military duty for four years. She also is a model, gun enthusiast and gun instructor who assisted in the training of over 850 Naval Security personnel with multiple different types of firearms.

She was also chosen to work on the 2013 film, “Battleship” for firearms safety, knowledge and naval military presence for advisory. She worked alongside Rihanna in the film to help her fit into her character.

Here you can see the 11M views number at the bottom.

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