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(WATCH) Boeing Tests New “Silent Strike” Laser

(WATCH) Boeing Tests New “Silent Strike” Laser Featured 2BB6A97100000578-0-image-a-1_1440701041635

The next generation of weapons is simply amazing. This new laser called the Compact Laser Weapon System (LWS) is small enough to fit into a suitcase, can be broken into 4 parts and transported by a Marine or two each.

Whats more incredible is even though it takes only 15 minutes to assemble, it is powerful enough to blast a drone out of the sky 22 miles away, which is exactly what it is intended to do.

Isaac Neil of Boeing said: “Think of it like a welding torch being put on a target – but from hundreds of metres away”

You may remember that last year Boeing released a similar laser, however this one is far more portable and could cause serious damage from a great distance.

Check it out:

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