Workforce resource updates

January 18, 2019

To the men and women of the United States Coast Guard,

Our entire Coast Guard workforce – civilian, military, and retirees – continue to feel the increasing impacts of our lapse in appropriations.  I am constantly inspired by the way our Coast Guard family, service organizations and local communities have pulled together to help one another.

Your senior leadership team has promised to provide updates on available resources for those in need.  In addition to our e-mails, information concerning the shutdown and resources available is regularly updated here.

I recommend bookmarking that page.  Here are some of the latest developments:

  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA):  We have expanded the limits for interest-free CGMA loans to personnel and their families to $1,500 for those with dependents and $1,000 for those without dependents. We have also expanded eligibility to all active duty and civilian employees. To expedite requests, spouses of deployed members may also apply directly for a CGMA loan.  Assistance in excess of these limits is available to members demonstrating a greater need.
  • Child Development Centers (CDCs):  Coast Guard CDCs have deferred payment and suspended collection on delinquent accounts for Coast Guard civilian and military members not receiving pay during the lapse in appropriations.
  • Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC):  Some members may have received an automatic notice concerning GTCC payments due. This was a regretful system-generated announcement by the GTCC service. We have worked with DHS and J.P. Morgan Chase on a resolution. J.P. Morgan Chase has agreed to suspend assessment of new delinquent payment penalties, and no actions will be taken on accounts until 12 February.  Additional information will be provided if funding is not restored by 29 January.
  • Privatized government housing: We are actively working with DoD to notify all privatized government housing sites that Coast Guard BAH allotments will not be available until funding is restored. However, the government does not have the authority to suspend or delay payments for these privatized contracts. We recommend providing the “letter to creditors” available on the website to your housing manager that encourages flexibility until this situation is resolved.
  • Non-Government Resources:  Many non-CG resources exist that may help ease your burden.  We have posted a new link that consolidates some of those resources.

In addition to the website, you can e-mail questions to [email protected] (military and retirees) or [email protected] (civilians). The Pay & Personnel Center Call Center helpline is staffed from 0730 to 1600 CST and can be reached at (866) 772-8724.

Through your devotion to duty, I can assure you we will weather this storm. Thank you for standing the watch.  I have never been more proud to serve alongside you.

Semper Paratus,
Admiral Charles W. Ray
Vice Commandant